Return, Replacement and Refund

The team of Offloo is proud of its expertise in the field which has been acquired by means of intensive hard work and
extensive market study over a decade. Time and again, we remind our customers of our aim to please them and our
priority to cater to their needs. However, should an unfortunate event arise where you may have to return a product
for refund or replacement, we have laid out an easy process to assist you with it.

Guide to Return

To return any product:

  • E-mail us at with the Order Number and Product SKU number along with the reason for
    returning the specific product.
  • Items once detected with defect and verified should be sent in 7 business days after confirmation keeping the product
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail from us approving the return within 2-3 business days.
  • Once you receive the approval, send the items to us preferably through a registered courier service to avoid any
    transit problems.
  • Do not return any product without informing us.
  • Mark the return package from customers should be marked as return goods or defective return products.
  • After we receive the product back at our warehouse, and we will initiate the refund of your money. Please note that a

    refund will be issues only if we are responsible for the reason of return. In case of any damage to the product at the

    customer’s end, we are not liable to provide any refund. After the refund has been confirmed by us to you, within 3

    business days we will initiate the refund procedure. The money will be credited back to you as per your bank


Replacement Terms

On receiving a defective product:

  • You can return your product for replacement in case of damaged products, expectations not met, or any such

    relevant reason.

  • E-mail us at with the Order Number and Product SKU number along with the reason for

    requesting a replacement.

  • You will receive an acknowledgement e-mail from us within 2-3 business days.
  • Do not return any product without informing us.
  • If for whatever reason we are unable to resend you the original product, we would give you the option of selecting an

    alternative product from our website.

  • Alternate item, if selected will be shipped at no extra cost.
  • If an alternate item is not selected within 7 business days of receiving the e-mail from us, we will initiate the refund

    procedure. Kindly note, you will receive the refund without any deductions. Any extra shipping cost for returning the

    item to us in India is to be paid by the customer. In case you are returning the product due to alteration and

    modification errors at our end, we do not charge you for the same.

Item Availability:

We bring our customers only the latest and most exclusive products, which is why our customers love us. Thankfully

our client base increases on a daily basis and so does the demand for our products. Who doesn’t want to look ‘the’

best anyway? Though we continuously aim at deliver the chosen products to you, there are times when we aren’t

able to fulfill some of your needs due to unavailability of the product at the warehouse. This happens mainly when the

products are sold out or out of stock. In case of such a situation, we encourage our customers to select the next best

option. If customers do not find an alternative which makes them as excited as their initial choice, we regretfully yet

promptly refund the entire amount spent on the product along with the shipping charge with absolutely no deductions.

We also offer a compensation by way of store credit depending upon the order value and delay in communication.

Color and Description Disclaimer:

We at Offloo do our best to present the products on our website as they appear in original. While great effort has

been put to accurately reproduce products in their original style and texture, there may be minor variations in the

color of the actual product. This color variation between the actual product and that displayed on the website is

mainly due to the effects of digital photography and color settings and capabilities of monitors. Minute variations may

also occur due to the fabric dyes. Products ordered with sequin and stone decoration often come off even with best

and careful handling, so it should be known while placing the order. Colors of Red, Maroon, Off-White and Orange

have a higher tendency to reflect differently than other color shades. Few of the fabrics have tendency to reflect

textured effects as a proof of their authenticity. This should not be mistaken for a faulty product. Handicraft, hand

dyed, items will always have certain minor differences. It is practically impossible for us to replicate the same colors

on a product as seen on the website or your computer screen. A minor variation in the shade selected by you is

considered as a normal practice as these products have a tendency to reflect different shades of a color under

different light and weather, type of camera used for photography or type and settings on the computer monitor. We

request you to place an order keeping in mind these minor variations in the product as seen on a computer screen

against the actual color of the product received.

Stitching Disclaimer:

We provide the stitching service to our customers as per the measurements mentioned by them in the measurement

form filled while placing the order. We suggest our customers to be cautious while submitting their measurements as

we will not be responsible for any incorrect measurements submitted by them. We believe our customers understand

that even if they get something custom tailored locally, multiple sessions of trial and alterations are needed before the

desired fit, pattern & look can be obtained. If you do not have facilities of local alterations or do not have access to

someone who can help you with alterations you can contact us. In any such case unless the error is on our side cost

need to be borne by the customers.

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